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Racial HD[edit]

It must be noted that 1-HD races typically exchange their 1 HD for a class level. —Sledged 11:15, 25 January 2007 (MST)

Stat modifiers, detect hidden doors?, loose the end[edit]

Interesting class, the +1 level adjustment is definitly in place as the race receives some strong bonuses. Other then that they seem a bit like an extended elf race. Now the +6 dex against the +4 str seems just a little bit like an unfair tradeoff to me. Yes the half orc has -4 (-2 cha, -2 int) penalty against +2 strength and may let you believe that strength is more important then any other stat but it most certainly is not. The only reason half orcs get that penalty is because they actually are un-charismatic and outcasts of the world and that fact is portrayed into the charisma loss, but if it fits the race than any DM would live by it. Personally I would keep an equal tradeoff of +4 dex / -4 str. Now for an nomadic folk that has no interaction with "Society" and have no use for hidden doors as they continiously wander the forests anyway, I find the secret door detection a bit out of place. Having increased spot and listen is a natural evolution of living in a forest where many animals whish to eat you, but secret doors? What nomadic people would build secret doors that they most likely will never encounter anymore? And how about secret doors build into bookshelfs? Does a nomadic race care to create such shelfs, or stone or , well you get my drift. Also it is unclear what happens when using the druid as class with the race, the druid already has an animal companion, do they stack? (as in do you get two animal companions?)? As a last note lose the "not this race part" you are a Chestoria or you are not. Assuming that Chestoria are an evolution of a race that lived in the woods for a long time you wouldn't suddenly become less agile becouse you refuse to take the penalty, if it has to do with training then it is a class issue not a race issue. As a DM I would most certainly live with the: not having an animal companion and the benifits accompanying them, while suffering no level adjustment and that is more then enough to justify not taking the +1 level adjustment penalty. Those are the real traits that make the class more powerfull then normal the +6 dex against -4 str is a bit favourable but realy not that much, just remember that a character can only ever attain a skill of 23 by natural means if not subjected to modifiers and rolls a yatzee when creating the character( ofcourse with the exception to the point buy system but even then that character will completely suck at anything else which balances him out. ). Yes there are items that will improve your characters ability scores but you will seriously need them later on in the game and every point of ability becomes less valuable so you need even more of them. Other then that it looks like a decent class, I dont know if you use roleplay much in your games but please spice up the race descriptions a bit so we can realy feel what you where trying to create.
Crashpilot 07:46, 22 February 2011 (MST)

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