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Which book published this so I can verify OGL licensing please? Tivanir (talk) 08:09, 11 April 2014 (MDT)

Celestial and Eldritch[edit]

Celestial and Eldritch, both these words mean very specific things and I disagree with them being used together.

Celestial has to do with the divine, of god, of heaven and such.

Eldritch's definition is from Middle English, elfriche = elf + riche kingdom aka fairy kingdom. Can also mean otherworldy or strange or ancient.

To illustrate my point, let me relate a story: The Fairy and the Priest - Ireland

The story went that a fairy met a priest and his assistant; it was during the time of the hedge-Masses. And he was a little small man and he says he'd like to know if he could get to Heaven, himself, the fairy. So the priest asked him if he had a penknife. And he [the priest] gave him a penknife and he says, "Now," he says, "I want you to take the penknife and cut your finger." And the fairy cut his finger, but no blood came and the priest says, "No, there's no redemption for you, because you are not a human being, you're a spirit." And the fairy went screaming across the fields and there were no more fairies in that area after that.

As you can see, the story tells moral is that fairy kind have no place in heaven, the eldritch can never reach the celestial salvation. Eldritch and Celestial should not be used together from a thematic point of view.

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