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Notable Characters & Foes of Carallion also the Races[edit]

you should make the Notable Foes of Carallion into NPC's... Then put the Notable Foes of Carallion on DnD NPCs and here. Also, is the Urak and the K'Tann non-raw materail? If so, you should make them into races and put them on 3.5e Races and here. I am sure their are more things like this, but must say this is a very good campaign setting. --Green Dragon 16:37, 12 June 2006 (MDT)


Honestly, it bothers me to read a wiki page that is one huge, long chunk of information (sometimes called monolith code in the 1337 business). I suggest you cut and paste some of the information onto assorted pages (e.g. NPCs). I think this makes it easier to peruse. -- LordAflak

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