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A Couple of Issues...[edit]

Firstly, an ability requirement? I've never seen a prestige class that has that before, that should probably be removed. As for the other requirements, Non-Lawful needs to be changed to "any non-Lawful", as non-lawful itself isn't an alignment, also neither the rage or frenzy abilities are skills, although...that would be awesome.

The Blood Friend and Blood Rage abilities are cool, but they only offer any effect when the Blood Defender's Blood Friends are close to dying, something that should be changed. Other issues are the BAB (+2 at first level?!), the saves (amazing Will bonuses, but they completely lack Fortitude and Reflex?), and the Ex-Blood Defender thing (what happens if someone casts Fox's Cunning on them? Oh and it should be they lose all abilities if the lose Any Blood Friends). Otherwise, it's a nice concept.-FREAKshow 08:58, 2 December 2008 (MST)

Fluff and Stuff[edit]

This class needs to have fluff and stuff. The abilities are lackluster, have strict requirements, and niche to the point of almost being useless. -RockJockey 12/4/2014

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