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Howdy those who may be concerned with this particular page. I'm Rockjockey. I was skimming through the gallery of homebrews when I saw this particular one, "Bladed Magus". It looked interesting, so I opened it up to look. What I saw was an extremely unbalanced class that no GM or player could possibly convince themselves was playable. While I do understand that this may be someone' 'baby', I wish to impart no ill feelings toward the person, I must criticize the lack of judgement in its creation.

With that in mind, it is true that I have made extensive edits in order to prune away some of the more egregious parts of the kit.

For Example, some of the original class descriptions:

Magus Blade: The signature of the Bladed Magus is the ability to flow magic throughout their blade, a process which manifests itself as arcane runes flowing around and through the weapon chosen. This process requires the magus to bond with their blade, a process which takes two hours per class level for a new blade. By imprinting their weapon with magic, the Bladed magus can use some magic to help to guide the blade and to cut deeper than they normally could. A Bladed Magus gains a +1 to attack and damage rolls for each level in this class. This extra damage is considered to be inflicted by a magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Summary: This one skill would give the Bladed Magus a +10 on attack rolls and +10 on damage rolls. This is on top of a 1:1 B.A.B. And don't forget, this class also has a full spellcasting progression too!

Magus Armor: Over time, the Magus is able to extend their extraordinary talents to other equipment that they use often, applying the same technique to their armor that they use with their blade. The Bladed Magus gains a deflection bonus to AC equal to their class level, and protects against all forms of attack, including incorporeal. This bonus to AC is also applied as spell resistance. The bonding process for armor is the same as with a weapon.

Summary: +10 Deflection bonus... And Spell Resistance... Is this a Wizard, a Fighter, or a Barbarian? Everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into this kit.

Magus Strength: By focusing the magic within the armor of a Bladed Magus, they can greatly increase their own strength. A Bladed Magus adds their casting-ability modifier to their strength modifier on attack rolls.

Summary: Another attack roll modifier?! Seriously, that is about +25~ on attack rolls.

Consumed blade: After so long of infusing power into a blade, and pouring energy through it, the blade at long last is consumed entirely by the magic impregnating it. The magic holds its shape, and the blade becomes entirely runic and magical. This blade can never be dispelled, nor replaced. It is summoned as a free action at any time by the Bladed Magus. This blade is immune to all effects, including an antimagic field. (However, any abilities which require spell point expenditure will be stopped in such a field) All damage done by this blade is considered magical in nature, and if an elemental damage type is applied, it affects all damage done by this blade. In addition, by spending five spell points, the blade can take on the aspects of adamantine. In an antimagic field, the blade defaults to this type.

Summary: A magic blade that is not affected by Anti-Magic Field...

In conclusion, dis class is broken and needed serious edits, whether by me or its owner. Or deletion, either is good.

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