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Does anyone have any further information on this race? I feel as if it's a bit too vague, I tried to find other sources, but couldn't find any online, at least not yet so far. I'd like to know more about this race to help better my game play when using it, if anyone has information it'd be a great help, and if you have sources to back up your claims, it'd be even better.

to put it simple, BlackWings as a subtype of the human race who are discrimiated against due to the blackwings, since the colour black symbolize danger and death, ( and the fact that alot of evil races have black skin, or scales. ) Blackwings hate discrimiating and all races that are racist, such as Elves. Blackwings will actually hide there wings in order to disguise themselves as simple humans at times. It is correct they tend to lean towards more chaotic alignments, but this is simply because this is how society expects them to be, although it is possible for them to be any alignment. Blackwings are the type of race which does not like prejudice and will not seek the law as it often against them. ( thinking about it, this class could pass as having a +1 Level adjustable, the flight give +1, the stats level out, and the minor other feats give a +0.2 to sum, adding up to +1.2, which rounded down is +1 )--"To live on and not regret something which cannot be changed" - ZappiestTom (talk) 23:05, 12 July 2013 (MDT)

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