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It is very uncommon for a corporeal fiend to have necrotic immunity especially when he doe not have any necrotic based abilitys. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Rawkage (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts.

Ok. This isn't just any corporal fiend.
It's a creature created by the Triforce, an artifact of holy power and the strongest magic item in the campaign designed to feature it. Resistance to necrotic damage seems fitting for a creature created this way. It also highlights just how twisted and vile it is for such a holy relic to be used to create a fiend for someone literally called the King of Evil, who himself often employs necrotic damage in his ultimate form.
I would undo the change. "It is very uncommon" does not mean it should never happen. Please sign your posts. - Guy 14:27, 21 January 2020 (MST)
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