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Challenge Rating[edit]

9 Offense (54 damage & 10 hit)
11 Defense (~215 hp & ~20 AC): x1.25 hp from damage resistances; +2 AC from magic resistance

As it is, the belief could CR of 10 instead of 11. I didn't incorporate immbolizing gel, but with that, its CR might be boosted to 11?

This is one of those instances where the DMG guidelines fall short. The hp boost from damage resistance is x1.5 if the creature is CR 10, but x1.25 if it is CR 11. Doing the latter would in RAW boost its CR value to 12. I think you made the right decision in keeping it in the middle at CR 11.

You might want to adjust the creature's stomp attack, or its multiattack to incorporate stomp. As it is, stomp is completely outclassed as an attack option, as the belief generally wouldn't gain anything from knocking a creature prone unless it was part of a multiattack or had allies that could take advantage of the target's prone condition before its turn. (Recovering from the prone condition only sacrifices half the prone creature's movement on its turn, and doing so doesn't provoke opportunity attacks.)

Maybe tweak tentacle so it can grapple the target? That way the belief could take advantage of its life sap ability, which otherwise seems like it would go unused. — Guy (talk | edits) 06:01, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

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