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  • Version 0.1.0 Beast Shaman.
  • Primal Wisdom now specifies you no longer take penalties (if any) to your (now) Wisdom based checks for Handle Animal and Knowledge (Nature).
  • A Beast Shaman of 3rd level gains the features of the Track feat while using Scent, but now no longer gains the Track feat as a bonus feat.
  • Beast Shape has been moved from the 8th level to 6th level to make it available earlier on and increase the playability and fun factor of the class.
  • Might of the Wild at 12th level now provides DR 2/-, down from DR 5/- while not in Beast Shape, and DR 5/- down from DR 10/- while in Beast Shape.
  • Primal Strike now specifically notes the bonus is only applied to damage rolls of melee attacks at 14th level.
  • Retributive Form at 15th level now specifies how it works more clearly. You zap those Wizards!
  • Animal Mettle at 18th level is much more clear; you may apply 2x your Wisdom modifier to a saving throw. If a saving throw fails, for any reason, you may use Animal Mettle immediately to reroll before any other effects occur at the same bonuses/penalties.
  • Greater Might of the Wild at 12th level now provides DR 5/-, down from DR 10/- while not in Beast Shape, and DR 10/- down from DR 15/- while in Beast Shape.
  • Beast Rend reads more logically and clarifies that it only triggers while Beast Shaped.
- AF


I might be understanding this incorrectly, but it sounds like a Beast Shaman who is carrying a bastard sword, some plate mail, and a bow from his recent conquests; then changes to Beast Shape to fight or flee now looses these items they were intended to sell since anything they're not proficient with fall to the ground at the shift. So the Shaman will have to sell anything they collect as soon as possible or avoid shifting until they sell these items so they don't get left somewhere. The shift is useful for dropping any bindings or some entrapment of some kind, but works against gaining funds or transporting a weapon/armor/item to someone for a quest line.

As I said.. I might be misunderstanding this. --Ravenwng (talk) 18:52, 16 June 2013 (MDT)

This has been rectified; Beast Shape mechanically functions the same as a Druid's Wild Shape except for that stipulation. It now correctly mentions that only worn items she is not proficient with fall from her body and land around her, rather than give the possible perception that all equipment she is not proficient with (even those in bags) falls to the ground around her. Worn is indeed subject to a Dungeon Master's discretion, as I personally would consider her "wearing" a bastard sword on her hip (and it being an item she is not proficient with), even if not drawn or wielded, would be a candidate to fall to the ground off of her when she uses Beast Shape. However, if it were, say, placed in her backpack, it would meld into her new form along with the backpack as it is not readily accessible in her backpack versus her hip.
Thank you for requesting clarification and thus spurring an update, as that would be a legitimate question to possibly arise in game.

--Argent Fatalis (talk) 20:17, 16 June 2013 (MDT)

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