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The weapon does have odd hardness and weight those really should be changed. But in terms of power it's a good weapon but id still go with a Spiked chain for just 2 points of average damage you gain a weapon with better utility and bonus to the disarm attempt that's not even going including the fact it can be used with weapon finesse. The variant's are not even that well worth it the chain scythe if I understand correctly has the potential for a 20ft trip attack but for 2 feats that is asking for a lot. The 2nd variant the endowed battle scythe is superior to the exotic weapon crescent scythe from Sandstorm. And because of that this variant might be too strong but considering all the feats and effort a player had to go through to make two weapon fighting viable this variant should only be toned down a bit like lowering the damage to a 2d6/1d4 or removing the reach.

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