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Weapon Descriptions[edit]

This needs to be added to Weapon Descriptions. --Green Dragon 13:22, 7 February 2008 (MST)

Done. -- Eiji 22:10, 7 February 2008 (MST)
Thanks! --Green Dragon 09:22, 8 February 2008 (MST)


I should take some time to go through your stuff coz this is yet another thing of yours I love lol. it's an awsome idea you can just see the wizard casting a spell half way he gets interupted by a dareing goblin he swings his book at the goblin sending him flying and nocking him prone then finishing the spell. (that image isnt exactly legal rule wise but i dont care :-P) Hawk 22:53, 7 February 2008 (MST)

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