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Hmm... another fan of the Wheel of Time series nice. I was planning on making a few [[1]] myself.

Um.... what happens to you if you use this on your parents? If they never existed, then you cant exist, but if you cant exist, then you cant use the spell on your parents, so they do exist, so you exist, so you use the spell on them, so they dont exist, etc. so if i used ths spell, id have to be very careful who i hit it with, right? what if i hit a deity, or (gods forbid) an overdeity? If i use this to make a hole in the ground, will it be as if that hole was always there? If it was used on the creator of the world would we all cease to exist? or would that lead to the same never ending paradox stated above (no creator= no world= no me= no casting of spell= world exists= i exist= spell gets cast= no creator= no world= no me= no casting of spell.......Etc)? if i use this and end u changing history completely, how would the people still existing react to remembering something that never happened, or more imortantly, would they know what "really" happened, or would they be comletly ignorant to the new history? Or am i misunderstanding how this spell works? Thank you for answers in advance.8)-- 16:16, 14 March 2011 (MDT)

Another question. if my enemy use this spell on something(for example, a dog), it will stop existing. BUT what if i then cast it on him? he will have "never existed" so he cant have cast the spell on the dog so it exists again right?-- 17:35, 14 March 2011 (MDT)

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