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This is an updated version of the Slotted armor mechanics from the d20 forge website. I'd like to give credit for where it's due, yet add onto this wonderful set of data. --Pz.Az.04Maus 16:01, 5 April 2006 (MST)

What about pauldrons? They represent a seperate area of protection - your shoulders - don't they? Also they are more likely to be included in a set of armor than neck protection, which tends only to be added by those few armorers who think of it. Still it is a truely interesting system that allows for the possiblity of a truely customized set of armor, though does still need some clarification on just how evey stat (except the armor bonus, cost and weight, which are pretty straight forward) stack together when you have, say the upper torso, lower legs and lower arms slots of a suit of great armour, the full torso and full arms slot of scale mail armour, the full leg slot of chainmail armor, and the head and neck slots of banded armor, plus the shoulder pauldrons of full plate armor for example.


<<strikethrough>>How does these work? I don't how to make this work. Or how to make Normal chainmail's equivalent for armor sections. How do I do that? I ask because I'm trying to make starting equipment<</strikethrough>>

I found the answer, round them

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