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I disagree on the spell being underpowered. I don’t think it needs the damage to be increased. The point of the spell, at least as it seems to me in modules, is to cause WIDE spread destruction. It is not primarily concerned with causing a lot of HP damage to PCs specifically, but rather NPCs. Most non-combatant NPCs, at least in 5e, typically have only 5-10 HP. Even at 20d6 damage, the minimum damage would be 20. If this spell was cast in a highly populated area, a city such as Waterdeep, it could easily kill tens of thousands of people. Of course it probably wouldn’t kill the PCs, especially if they’re level 20, but that’s not the point of the spell as I see it. It’s a ritual to kill an entire city basically. It’s powerful enough at 20d6 damage.

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