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I say this class needs a picture. --Redrum 15:01, 12 August 2017 (MDT)

Review (Dodr Dragon)[edit]

1) The Casting Strength. (And the Unique Casting Moves)

I compare briefly and thusly to the three: Cleric, Druid and Wizard as "malleable, preparation casters" and to Sorcerers as "bombing-run, instantaneous casters".

The casting is basically a sorcerer but you get your new spell-levels at the same time as everyone else instead of one level behind. I inherently agree with this and would consider changing sorcerer to be like this too, if I could (which I might if I were to DM). The predetermined spell-list is very good insight as getting (least not easily) permanent "abode"-access to any spell that's something weird like Vigor, Lesser could get out of hand quickly. Now imagine Time Stop. Very good choice on that part. I would add explicitly that they (this class) can still not access certain spells (DM Discretion) no matter the feat investment attempt if I were the DM. Some of them (spells) would break the permanency rules in place if open roam was allowed on them. afterthought: I would put some heavy DM eyes on Domain choice by a player. May be possible to get permanent Time Stop after all... >.> I would probably make it so, any Domain spells cannot be used for your Warding Seals. Just My Perspective...

Quick Detour: Uses Wisdom and Charisma for casting. Since this is supportive caster, having secondary score for spell DC(Cha) is fitting since buff and aid spells never need the DC bolstered and this thusly recommends their use over attack spells. Can't agree 100% but can't disagree either.

Now let's look at O-Fuda and the Seals. O-Fuda needs to be stated explicitly in how it functions. Can it only be used by the Shrine Maiden? Can it(the spell slot) be stored forever for later use? I am assuming Yes, and No. But the player wouldn't have access to that perspective and information, nor the DM(until he makes his call) for that matter. If it works how I imagine, it seems good to me. Spend 1gp for ranged touch spells. 1gp adds up, and fits into the budget thing very nicely. 10/10 from my perspective. The touch-to-ranged-touch feature needs to be explicitly stated to become a ranged-touch attack spell instead of only being a ranged spell. Otherwise, all of a sudden Ghoul-Touch might become a tad bit broken for a 2nd level spell (even past ECL 10).

Tie Seal is really cool. I would add basic homebrew feat to follow up with other base classes' precedent. Extra Sealing (Tie): Gain +2 uses per day of your Tie Seals ability. Prerequisite: Tie Seal 1/day or more. Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time you take it, the effects stack.

Warding Seal should explicitly state that it uses up the spell slot when creating a Warding Seal of that spell. Speak with the Dead permanently on a haunted house just sounds amazing. There should probably be some restrictions on using this with Leomund's Tiny Hut?? Can't tell if it would be broken or just a nice niche tool.

Multi Seal is basically Twin Spell Metamagic Feat except you use 2 of the base spell level slots instead of one spell, 4 slots levels higher. This is stronger than Twin Spell because of maximum spell levels available mechanic (4 spell levels is 8 ECL or 8 character levels!!!). This doesn't require a feat to gain but Wizard gets bonus metamagic feats anyways. I would give this a limit of times per day. I would peruse a number of times per day equal to the Shrine Maiden's Charisma Modifier (rather than infinite up to your spell slots limit).

Channel Deity will quickly become persist-what?. My only problem is that the Cleric normally must expend 3 feats to do this. (Extend Spell, Persist Spell, Divine Metamagic). I think the Shrine Maiden should take a small bit of Con damage (d3?) upon starting the channel. And then take 1 lethal damage per spell level for every round spent channeling. Just my opinion that there needs to be some cost in addition. (she can easily have restoration and/or restoration scrolls/wands/potions anyhow).

2) The Core Stats Strength.

It's just Cleric stats (HD: d8, BAB: medium, Saves: 2 good saves; fort swapped for reflex). Nothing seems to be wrong here to me. Skills are very aptly correct. I want to say Move Silently and Jump should be added but I'm not sure.


Feels like a classy variant to Cleric that opts for Spontaneous Casting as well as some good ole Flavor.

Rating??: Balance: 4/5. There are a few breakable loopholes, but if patched up it is very good balance. Fluff: 5/5. Spot on fluff-to-gameplay lapping. Writing: 2/5. Missing a lot of simple-but-needed clarification in some parts.

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