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Game Statistic[edit]

The flavour is all nice but the game statistic are uncompleted, you should fix that :)--Lord Dhazriel 23:48, 28 December 2008 (MST)

I know; I had to leave this while I was in the middle of making it, due to school pressures. I will go back and fix it relatively soon. --Noname 13:29, 29 December 2008 (MST)

Hi, I came across this page recently and added a bunch of stuff I know about Andalites. Mostly my contributions relate to the species' culture, behavior, and history and have little to do with stats.

I hope you don't mind if I edit the shape shifting ability, seeing as it is not completed.

Added an estimate on male height and changed Hit Points to reflect the series more closely.

Proposed changes: Switch out the -2 wisdom for -2 charisma. Being "off putting" has nothing to do with wisdom, it's a charisma thing. Indeed, they frankly oughta have a +2 to wisdom and normal int-- extremely sharp eyes for example, considering how perception skills are wisdom based, whereas all their canon technology comes from the sheer length of time they've spent as a civilization-- Elfangor was astonished by how quickly human technology advances.

Make it a -2 to str +2 to dex for males and a -4 to str and +4 to dex for females. A Also a -2 to con. They are remarkably fast and agile, especially with their tail, but they really aren't all that strong. Elfangor was also astonished by the arm strength of Lauren.

Grant weapon finesse as an bonus feat, and Alertness.

You can't really have racial hit dice and "advance normally in classes," besides which, this is a powerful race in game mechanics terms. However, since it isn't a particularly hardy one, I'm inclined to leave out the racial hit dice in favor of just a level adjustment. That route saves the bother of having to flesh out saves and such.

Size should be judged based on this I think: 51VQXH489HL._bL160_.jpg

Both ax and the others are at similar developmental stages, so human height. Not sure about length though. 1 1/2 times human weight.

Favored Class should probably be Any really.

Shapechange, however, needs seriously nerfed. Make it only creatures available to , and "spell like, supernatural, or class abilities of the creature are not granted." Extraordinary abilities and physical characteristics only, and somatic spells of the andalite base class and such things are disallowed while in morph. Then a smart DM can just be careful about it rather than having to ban it outright. Also, ten round transformation, not one round. The heal can stay, but it causes fatigue every 4 changes to or from another form per 24 hours.

(Classes granting wildshape or similar abilities should probably be able to replace this ability at the player's discretion with a +3 to character level for the purpose of those abilities.)

On the Lookout should be altered to "denies flanking, retains dex bonus against AC when flatfooted or struck by invisible attacker." This denies things similar to sneak attacks instead of just sneak attacks, and also makes them still work against a helpless or immobilized Andalite.

Herd animal is fine as is.

With all that, I'd cautiously put the package at a +3 level adjustment. -- 22:44, 13 February 2011 (MST)


I'm going to take a stab at these blue centaurs. Looking at the series, I don't see that they ought to really be all that better than humans. After all, they're losing a war that five human kids kicked butt in by morphing into animals. +2 Strength didn't seem terribly appropriate, given the Andalite's built like a slight human atop a deer. Likewise with the female's +2 Dexterity - they're not often described as being as agile as humans. More to the point, this is easier to balance. I reduced the range on the telepathy for game balance reasons only. It's not a good idea, given the existence of feats like Mindsight. I dropped morphing; it's not innate to the species, it's a technology they use on their warriors and spies. It's also a PITA to balance without a good-sized dose of DM and player cooperation, but I'd recommend it working it like wild shape. An Andalite ACF or racial paragon class to get morphing might be a pretty good idea.

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