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Amazons, Booooring[edit]

So, the reason I built this race was as a replacement for half-orcs, since no orcs live in Rom, the campaign setting. So, they are strong, and not as smart as humans, but I also wanted a little more variety than just a dumb brute who clobbers stuff to death. Amazons have a culture to them, so the thought to include two options for their race came into mind, to allow players to build different style of character, but still go with the same race, since amazons don't have men, they aren't divided by gender roles, but rather training roles, becoming either strength focused or wisdom focused.

And yeah, another race of amazons, or even just as a race rather than as a class, boooring. But hey, it fits the campaign setting rather well, with lush jungles, ruins of old, and uncharted territory. If anyone has any thoughts about this, let me know. --Ganteka 15:07, 8 June 2008 (MDT)

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