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Regarding the Balance Concerns[edit]

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

Not to worry, those balance concerns do happen from time to time; This is particularly because Feats and Spells and the like are all considered in one hand akin to their SRD counterparts. In this case, that would be feats like Acrobatic and Persuasive, which give similar bonuses to two skills each, but much less than the +5 that you've established. The difference between these would be a total modifier of +6 more than similar SRD feats, which is cause for concern, and that's without considering the additional effects of the feat.

The other problem is that some parts of the feat, such as the Actor Check and the gaining of funds by acting, are already present in the SRD Rules in other forms. The actor check is something that can be covered by a Bluff check (Convincing a guard that you need him to assist you in some endeavor, regardless of the truth of such a claim or usual procedure, for example, is a bluff check), and monetary gain for acting would be a Perform check. This means the actor's check is redundant and/or provides a different standard of difficulty for a given action, as opposed to the normal standard of difficulty.

So, what to do? Well, there's a few ways we can salvage the feat and still make it really nice and usable. It's not a bad idea at all, we just need to polish it! I recommend something like the following:

{{3.5e Feat
|types=General Feat
|summary=By applying your skills of deception, you become a more capable actor
|prereqs=<!--All prerequisites that are not another homebrew feat-->
<!-- Delete any of the following if they are not used -->
|prereq_feat1=Smooth Talker
|prereq_feat2=Improved Disguise
|benefit=You get a +2 on [[SRD:Disguise Skill|Disguise]] and [[SRD:Bluff Skill|Bluff]] checks. Furthermore, the [[SRD:Perform Skill|Perform]] (Acting) skill is considered to be a [[SRD:Class Skill|Class Skill]], regardless of class, and now receives a [[SRD:Skill|Synergy]] bonus from both [[SRD:Disguise Skill|Disguise]] and [[SRD:Bluff Skill|Bluff]].

{{3.5e Feats Breadcrumb}} → [[3.5e General Feats|General Feats]]
[[Category:General Feat]]

This alteration will make the feat still have the same associations and purpose as it did before; if your class didn't already have it, it would now gain Perform as a Class Skill, allowing you to buy ranks easier in the skill. You'd also get synergy bonuses from your ranks in Bluff and Disguise, despite the fact that this is normally not the case. On top of this, you also get your +2 to both skills.

The trade-off is that you still need the other feats in order to qualify for this feat, at all, which gives it a bit of weight to offset the extra bonuses that Persuasive and similar feats don't normally provide.

Normally, I'd change this myself, but I don't like to mess with people's things unless there's a really good reason or it has been sitting under the template for a while; I like the original author to have first crack at their edits, I suppose is a way of phrasing it. If you have any question, or need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask! Jwguy (talk) 07:15, 3 April 2014 (MDT)

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