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There are several things I find misplaced with this deity. First: the quote "it is solely by his will that the spirits of the dead reach their respective planes." makes deities like Nerull and Wee Jas irrelevant. Perhaps he has a hand in such things, but putting sole responsibility over the dead to his hands (however capable) is overpowering. Second: if you're going to state later on exactly what the deity is and what its origins are, you shouldn't weave mysteries about it in that respect. Third: malevolent deities don't have overt temples in major Good-aligned cities. They are driven out for the safety of the people within them. Major Evil-aligned cities could have overt temples to Abaddon, but they are likely to have overt temples to other Major Evil Deities as well. Fourth: the quote "is the chief instigator of the conflict known as the Blood War" is misleading. Abaddon may believe that it has that dubious distinction, but events as they happened were probably not so simple. Like the death bit above, putting sole responsibility into his hands (however capable) is overpowering. Fifth: Overdeity is a very powerful title. Progenitor of the Yugoloths as it might be, that species is not diverse enough to warrant an Overdeity in their name. Perhaps if there was a pantheon that the Yugoloths worshiped that Abaddon presided over, that may work. As it stands, that seems once again overpowering. Sixth: Naming specific avatars is all fine and good, but having one named "Seth" sounds like you're trying to place yourself into your own campaign setting. That just screams Mary-Sue.

This could be a great deity. I hope you continue to work on it. --JRCameron 16:13, 17 October 2011 (MDT)

In my Opinion, Abaddon should not be a Deity, would be better as a leader of a Yugoloth´s subrace.

This could be a great Infernal force. I have an idea for an Yugoloth subrace, this new subrace is based on the all culture of the world from the shinigami to holy death an his name is Mortholoth, and Abaddon would be a great leader for these race. Atte. Hanoi da Pollux [1]

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