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Erm.... ^_^;;[edit]

Vestiges only go up to 8th level. You wouldn't happen to mean Epic Vestiges (which are a completely different kettle of fish), would you?--Ddragon Necrophades 17:46, 3 August 2008 (MDT)

Whoops, sry, I was stealing the template so it went up to ninth. I'll change it--Gruegirl 19:00, 3 August 2008 (MDT)

Epic Vestiges[edit]

By the way, for those who don't already know but want to add Epic Vestiges, samples can be found here: [1]. You might need to be logged into DnD Insider to see. ^_^;;--Ddragon Necrophades 19:50, 3 August 2008 (MDT)


I seriously Have no Idea how to make this into a page. Hope you guys can. Name: Fee-onok, The little voice. Level: 2nd Binding DC: 17 Special requirement: Yes

Fee-onok ( Fee-O-nok ) This tiny sprite spent all his time gathering and sharing knowledge... even if some people didn't want to hear him. He grants his summoners the "honorable pleasure" of having his voice in their head, aswell as a tad of healing magic for their allies, and the ability to bore enemies. Legend: Fee-onok, part of the first sprites to flutter the land, valued knowledge more than nature and life, a peculiar behavior that made him a social outcast. Due to his little social life, he'd spend most of his time studying many subjects... while not become anymore popular. When asked, he says he would always spend his time in the biggest library ever, reading ever tome and parchment he could get his hands on. from healing spells to monster books, he knew them all, he even written some of his own in the library... Sadly, Fee-onok's life came to an end slowly after he broke his spectacles, stating "He had all the time in the world now. How this sprite became a vestige is unknown... though some theories state that he regrets never knowing everything.

Special requirement: Fee-onok absolutely hates Naberius, If you have had him bound last, fee-onok will refuse your call. He also requires that you give him a bit of information once summoning him.

Manifestation: Pages from books will flutter from nowhere, as if being picked up by a strong wind, In a flurry and tornado of papers, Fee-onok will appear from behind one of them, his tiny body fluttering his wings as he looks ecstatic to be seeing this. Shortly after, his small glasses will fall from his face an break on the floor, the sound of glass seeming ten times louder than normal. The sprite falls to his knees and moans, seeming depressed for the first for minutes before cheering up.

Sign: Your vision becomes blurry, and you talk quickly and excitedly. (- 2 to charisma rolls )

Influence: You need to tell the world of your information. You must talk every 3 rounds. You're extremely annoying when you do this. (-1 to charisma ) If you see a book, you must take at least a round to at least skim through it. ( Will DC: 13 to negate )

Powers: Ask knowledge: As a free action, if you think, you analyze a creature and Feeonok will provide a short summary depending on the strength of your roll.This will not work if you're confused or under the influence of any other mind affecting De-buffs. Minor heal: Focusing for one round, you can heal an ally +10 health points. Boring voice: your mouth spits out a jumble of words that confuse and bore anyone to hear you, making them feel hazy. ( Will save DC: 15 ) this can be used as a free action as long as you can speak.

Also, side note, If you're working with the "faint"vestiages homebrew thingie, Fee-onok has a gay crush on the alchemic sniper, Though... I'm just goofing around

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