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Tal Staltstin[edit]

The Northeastern Shore, Tal Staltstin is an empire nearly two thirds the size of the entirety of its western neighbor, the Ezers Rhaime.

Founded during (and in response to) the The Ktanokept Invasions, survived the empire of giants era, and rose to prominence during the New Kingdoms era under Emperor Waldrame Prezemyl Dnaskall the first, “The Mason”. Under Emperor Waldrame I, Tal Staltstin conquered or absorbed many of its neighbors and assumed the hereditary parliament which would for the basis of its current Constitutional Monarchy.

In a country where political rumor mongering is considered a pastime, gossip concerning the royal family abounds. While it is considered historical fact that Waldrame I was a uniquie form of Duhl Oemenni (spirit person), stories persist that the first Waldrame might still be alive, secreted off in some well-guarded corner of the Dorm Wyann Citadel. Other rumors claim that he died (or was killed) relatively recently but the events surrounding the death (or murder) were concealed by members drawn from his multitude of progeny. Other strangely credible hearsay claims that a conspiracy (which may or may not include Waldrame descendants), secret rules the parliment and the royal family.

With a government so rife with intrigue, manipulation, endless secrets, and onerous red tape, some in the know have made the assertion that it isn’t entirely clear who actually rules this country.


Bureaucratic constitutional monarchy. Technically, the child emperor Ropahrz Waldrame has the throne, with his great aunt Nohlwynn Waldrame ruling as queen regent.


Infamous for its decadence, foreign powers often declare Tal Staltstin to be a fallen and fading empire. That said, the threat of the northeastern legions would give even the most potent military alliance pause. And Tal Staltstin navy is Occasian Torrumn’s largest.


The web of trade ports reached by Tal Staltstin’s joint stock companies is staggering. The Gate-Salm Exchange House alone has offices throughout the world. It can be comfortably commented that if an item, resource, or good exists anywhere in the world, it can be purchased within Tal Staltstin’s borders.


Because of the unusual ancestry of its nobility, a majority of aristocratic families and quite a few people descended from older, “fallen” gentry, are unusually tall and thin. Possessed of long necks, long limbs, and a pervasive and unusual skin condition results in ubiquitous use of heavy makeup. The Tal Staltstini people traditionally prefer over-elaborate costumes that can take an hour or more to don.

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