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It's a freaking taco; beyond a taco's fiery hot personality, it is a taco.

Physical Description[edit]

A taco appears as a large, humanoid-shaped tortilla enclosing a ground meat, usually turkey or beef. Some Tacos may sport lettuce, grated cheese, diced tomato, sour cream, taco sauce, salsa, and onions, or any variation of those ingredients. As they are almost as big as a normal human, these tacos can last proportionally longer before decaying.


Tacos are well-liked by many, enjoyed by even more, and hated only by a few... as tasty dinner.


It's a taco; it has no sense of morality, and is thus neutral in all respects.


Tacos are often found at inns or other areas with kitchens, where they are created with tender love and care.


Tacos usually worship Fharlanghn, God of Roads, as they spend their short existences as fast food.


Tacos can speak common, but rarely get the chance to do so.


Male and female names: Burrito, Gordito, Taquito, Enchilada, Taco, and Chalupa.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +5 Dexterity; their flavor is too strong for some, but they fall apart very easily. Asconstructs, Tacos have no constitution score.
  • Construct; Tacos are animated pieces of animals and plants.
  • Small; +1 size bonus to Armor Class, +1 to size bonus on attack rolls, +4 size bonus on Hide checks, lifting and carrying limits are 3/4 of a Medium character.
  • Taco base land speed is 40 feet.
  • Due to their hard shells, Tacos have a natural armor bonus of +5
  • Sitophobia (Ex): Tacos are very afraid of being eaten. Thus, when panicked or fleeing, Tacos automatically move at double speed with no penalty. However, any time an opponent attempts to use an Engulf or Bite attack on a Taco, the Taco will take 1.5 times damage and become panicked. If a taco witnesses a bite or engulf attack, it must make a DC 15 Will save or become shaken. Failure by 5 or more panics the Taco.
  • Chili Sauce (Ex): When an opponent uses a bite attack on a taco, it must make a fortitude save of DC 10+1/2 the Taco's HD, rounded up. A successful save protects the biter for 4d12 rounds. Engulf attempts are made against an additional +10 DC. Failure causes the biter to take 6d6 points of fire damage unless they immediately down a glass of milk afterwards. Engulfers take a additional 1d4 fire damage.
  • Material Ingredients (Ex): A taco may substitute parts of itself for material components. They cannot substitute a material focus in this manner, nor can they substitute XP costs. This manner of substitution deals 1 point of damage to the taco.
  • Vulnerability to Water (Ex): A taco takes 1d4 points of damage any time he or she comes into contact with water. Immersion is even more devastating, dealing 1d8 points of damage per round of immersion.
  • Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Halfling, Gnome.
  • Favored Class: Any

Vital Statistics[edit]

As a Construct, a Taco does not age, though it certainly becomes less appetizing.

Table: Taco Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 6" +6 inches 1 lb. × (1) lb.
Female As male As male As male × (1) lb.

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