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Fallout (D20 Modern Campaign Setting)
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Synths: Synths, or Synthetic Humans are much like humans (See Below) designed by the Institute to emulate humans. It is very difficult to tell whether a person is a Synth or not. Synths can't even tell if someone else is a Synth. Synths act just like humans they eat, drink, talk and even go to the bathroom. Synths are not liked by anyone and most Synths don't even know they are Synths. The Institute created the Synths and for those who run away in most cases the Institute has them found and either taken back to the Institute and reset or killed.

Humans, or Homo sapiens (sometimes called smoothskins or normals by ghouls and super mutants, respectively) are a species that have been more-or-less unaffected by radiation. In post-nuclear America, four major ethnic groups have so far been distinquished: African, Asian, Caucasion, and Hispanic. Evolved and mutated humans, while still members of the homo genus, are a different species from regular humans. Humans are the primary race found in the Wasteland. There are many different kinds of humans ranging from pale-skinned Vault Dwellers who have not spawned from a separate groups of survivors.

Personality: If involved with the Institute they tend to be workers and all about business and not so much anything other than the orders given by the Instute. Some infiltrate human societies and act just like humans. If not involved with the Institute or are in hiding then just like humans see below.

Humans tend to be happy, hopeful, and content when in a safe, familiar place such as their homes. They are generally nice to others, though always put themselves and their families and friends before others. When threatened, they tend to overreact and become violent. But most Humans after the war devolved and reverted to slavery, murder, and theft among other vile acts or immorality and insanity.

Physical Description: Just like humans see below

Post-nuclear humans, as a direct result of the radiation and exposition to the F.E.V. of the West Tek Research Facility (that has mutated after the Great War due to radiation), and some other biochemical agents released into the environment during and after the Great War, exhibit more diversity, primarily in genetic structure. The aforementioned factors have resulted in an increased rate of mutations in humans, although very few of these result in phenotypical changes. Most of these changes are non-lethal, non-damaging variations in the human DNA that simply increase the genepool variety. Also, humans with minor mutations, like additional toes, skin lesions due to TDC infection, permanent red eyes, permanent varicose veins or complete lack of hair, are still considered to be normal humans.

Relations: Can have different veiws depending on if the Synth is aware of itself and the Institute and if they follow them. For instance some Synths are a workers of the institute and "share the veiws of humans" until needed otherwise by the Institute. They work to infiltrate human society for the Institute's purpose.

Humans of the Wastelands are not a trusting lot when it comes to outsiders and others sentient beings of the waste. Humans view other Humans depending on their community; Vault Dwellers, for example, are xenophobic of Wasteland humans, believing they have contagious diseases and are overly violent. Most Humans can coexist with others human once trust is established.

Other sentient beings of the waste are view with blatant racism by Humans. They generally view Ghouls with disdain and most will shoot a Ghoul on sight, since they look like walking corpses. A few communities have taken pity on these irradiated souls, however, and allow them to live on the outskirts of society. They are tolerated for their knowledge of pre-war history and technology and ability to repair items.

Super Mutants, though, are viewed as a dangerous threat to humanity by most, as they seek to "evolve" the Human race into monstrosities. The Super Mutants must be destroyed to preserve Human existence. In a few cases Wasteland towns and caravans have adopted a few defector Super Mutants as military measures against raiders and other Super Mutants.

Lands: If involved with the Institute then they live in the Institute (unknown to anyone but Synths). If in hiding or a runaway then just like humans see below.

Humans can be found anywhere, from living as merchants in a town, to coexisting in Human/Ghoul towns, to living in old Vaults or city ruins. Some even live in unopened vaults and/or Enclave bases. The most common human lifestyle is to live in a small wasteland community. They squat in the ruins of civilization, living in houses and still-serviceable buildings, and may have luxuries such as flush toilets and electricity.

Religion: If involved with the Institute then they praise and worship the Institute as the answer to everything and all. If otherwise in hiding or a runaway Synth just like humans see below.

Religion continues to serve a fundamental part of post-apocalyptic society, with old-world religions such as Christianity, Mormonism, and the worship of Dharma still existing, alongside new cults and churches like the Children of the Cathedral and Children of the Atom, revolving around the events of Great War of 2077. In addition to religion, quasi-religious organizations also sprouted up, including the Brotherhood of Steel, the Followers of the Apocalypse, and various other faiths revolving everything from ancient Rome and nature to specific animals and even fragments of old-world knowledge.

Language: English

Names: If Involved with Institute and not in hiding then names would include, AJ792 SU445 and so on. If in hiding a runaway or otherwise they are any name that is given to them or chosen by them.

Racial Traits: +2Int, +2Cha, -2Wis

(alternatively you can use the rules in d20 future for a gen 3 synth)

Built to blend in with humans but due to the inability of being around the wastelands they're not as knowledgable about the world but they are computer smart.

Humanoid (Synth): Synths are Humanoid Robots


base land speed is 30 ft.

  • Simulated biology: Synths do heal on their own but much faster than humans they heal for their con mod when resting(min 1 hp) and gain no benefit from a days rest, Stimpacks still give normal health). Synths can take some robot traits (ask GM)
  • Synthetic anatomy:Take half radiation effects due to robotic like qualities (still take full poison effects however). con damage from radiation is halved.
  • Facade: +2 bluff and +2 disguise due to synthetic bodies, -2 on survival checks due to lack of knowledge of the wastes.

Vital Statistics: As ageless, artificial beings, Synths can start at any age, including zero and do not age. everything else just like humans see below

Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier Male 5'8" +2d10 150 lb. x 5 lb. Female 5'6" +2d10 130 lb. x 5 lb.

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