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Sword of Last Resort: The Sword of Last Resort is made of adamantine, is eternally sharp, never tarnishes, but otherwise looks as plain as a greatsword can be.

The forge god Aelfrun made this as his last gift to mortals, so that if the universe was in dire danger, one being could give it all to save the multiverse.

This, once activated, functions as a +100 Keen Adamantine Greatsword. In addition, all things struck by it must take a fortitude save DC 1,000 or be obliterated instantly. However, the enchantment lasts for only 1 hour, after which the sword shuts off, teleports to a completely random place in existence, and the wielder is instantly slain, with no save or spell resistance allowed, and not even the direct intervention of the major gods can return them to life.
Strong Enchantment, Necromancy; CL N/A; Weight: 15 pounds

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