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Sword of Force[edit]

The Sword of Force is an artifact in the Twelve Swords campaign setting.

This sword (like the other eleven) has a generic metallic colored blade and a black hilt. There is a small white symbol (See Symbol below) etched in on side of the black hilt. The sword is unbreakable, and it will retain an extremely keen edge no matter what it cuts or is struck against, and always gleams with a faint white tinge.

Symbol: War hammer

This sword acts as a +5 Longsword as well as has the below ability.

For 3 rounds a day, the Sword of Force prevents any harm to come to the wielder from any type of weapon. Spells still have normal affect against the weilder. One disadvantage of the sword is that the Sword increases its defensive strength by drawing from the wielder when this special ability is used. For every round of combat, the wielder's Strength is reduced by two. This loss of Strength lasts until combat is resolved, and 30 minutes thereafter.

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