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Sword of Despair[edit]

The Sword of Despair is an artifact in the Twelve Swords campaign setting.

This sword (like the other eleven) has a generic metallic colored blade and a black hilt. There is a small white symbol (See Symbol below) etched in on side of the black hilt. The sword is unbreakable, and it will retain an extremely keen edge no matter what it cuts or is struck against, and always gleams with a faint white tinge.

Symbol: none

This sword acts as a +5 Longsword as well as has the below ability.

The Sword of Despair creates thoughts of absolute hopelessness in all within 50 feet of the drawn sword. The wielder is also affected by the Sword. All within the radius of effect sink to the ground, so hopeless that they can do nothing but stare at the ground. A Will save can be made to resist the effect (DC 20) Carrying another of the Twelve Swords will allow you to resist the effect automatically. Once the Sword is sheathed (if it is sheathed) all people effected slowly regain their normal world-view and recover ( in 10 - level (minimum 1) rounds).

The wielder of The Sword of Despair ages one year for every round the weapon is drawn. The wielder cannot return the blade to its sheath unless he also carries another Sword, or succeeds his will save. If the wielder dies, the sword magically returns to its sheath.

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