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Sustained Breath [Racial][edit]

This allows a dragon to spew forth flames for several rounds continuously.
Prerequisite: Dragon
Benefit: A dragon that takes this metabreath feat is able to build fire up within themselves until it's released as a continuous torrent. When they use their breath weapon, they may choose to add 4 rounds to the time they must wait before they are capable of using it again. The dragon continues breathing into the same area it chose to target until it's next turn begins. Any creatures moving into this area are subject to the breath weapon's full normal effects. On the begining of the dragons next turn after using this feat it may choose use a move action to sustain its breath, targeting the same area, dealing the full breath weapon damage once more to all targets within it. If the dragon chooses it may sweep its breath, dealing only half damage to it's starting area and half damage to all targets between that area and the area it chooses to end at, with a reflex save to half the damage again. Targets within the area its breath ends in take full damage.

Depending on the energy type targets hit multiple times with this same breath weapon may be subject to certain effects. Subjects a fire breath are caught on fire, subjects of an acid breath are corroded for additional damage, subjects of a cold breath have their movement speed reduced by 10 feet, subjects of an electricity breath are blinded for 1 round.

Constitution 20, Dragon Type, Large Sized

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