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Survivor Subrace[edit]

Eons ago Corellon Larethian, Solonor Thelandira and Vandria Gilmadrith decided to make a group of holy warriors called the Survivors in order to protect the Tel-quessir forest homes durning the Crown wars. They were originally wood elves but because of interbreeding their abilities passed on to other races as well. Every Survivor is born with a birthmark showing their divine heritage. The birthmark looks like a green tree growing out of a collection of white stars. Extremely rarely a child related to the original Survivors will be born with the birthmark and gain their blessings and divine powers.

This subrace can be added to any race with your DMs approval, and should be used in a party with multiple Survivors.

Survivors bond. you can telepathically speak to another Survivor you can see within 30 feet of you. You don't need to share a language with the Survivor for it to understand your telepathic utterances.
Survivors blessing. once per short rest you grant another Survivor that you can see within 60ft proficiency in something you are proficient with/in for 10 minutes. (Basically anything from stealth to heavy armor) When you reach 5th level, you can also once per long rest grant another Survivor that you can see within 30ft the use of one of your features for 1 minute. The Survivor benefiting from one of your features has to refer to your character for any reference to game mechanics such as saving throws and levels. In order for the feature to be eligible for this feature you need your DM’s permission, and it is okay for your DM to only allow you to grant the benefit of a single feature instead of being allowed to pick a new one each time you use this feature. (Basically anything from race to class features)

DM note: The DM can grant these features to any creature or npc that can be related to the original Survivors or somehow be given the same blessings by the same gods. But another option could always be other gods or creatures making their own version of Survivors for whatever reason. And unless you specify otherwise then Survivors of different origins can’t benefit from each other’s features. Feel free to as DM to modify this subrace as well as the main race/creature/npc/monster if wanted.

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