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The Survivalists are military outcasts with no strong ties or alliances, to family or otherwise. They live in the wilderness, acquiring natural food sources both by harvesting plants, moss and algae and hunting large and small game. They are adept at camouflage and stealth, are excellent fighters in their own right, and are proficient at trapsetting. However, they are social recluses and lack any semblance of charisma, relying purely on their own knowledge and rarely small groups.

Physical Description[edit]

As a variation of pure human, their adult height varies from 5'5" to 7" and their weight averages out at 225 pounds. They are athletic and agile from both their military training and experience hunting and tracking while navigating the wilderness, and can climb and circumvent obstacles with ease.


As social hermits, Survivalists are usually hesitant to make contact with any other race. However, they regularly observe the interactions of other races and may either assist or punish those they encounter, while revealing themselves as little as possible.


Survivalists are not bound by law, but do share a unified sense of morality and possess a knowledge of what is right and wrong. They fall under the Chaotic Good alignment.


Woodland forest and wilderness environments, away from civilization.


Religion is defined person-to-person and not defined by their race.


  • Common
  • Sylvan


Survivalists usually possess common Human names.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength – Military training boosts strength due to intense training regimes
  • +1 Constitution – Military hardening boosts resilience to attacks.
  • +4 Wisdom – Survival in wilderness environments and military training offers survival and intuition bonuses. Self-dependence and experience increases judgment.
  • +3 Dexterity – Quickly moving around through a cluttered woodland environment greatly increases agility.
  • -2 Intelligence – Lack of formal education reduces impractical intelligence.
  • -5 Charisma – Reclusive hermit lifestyle drastically reduce interpersonal skills, including conversation and basic interaction.
  • Average size, athletic build.
  • 35 base speed, 70 running, 95 sprinting.
  • Nature Born- +2 Evasion in forest area, -2 Evasion in open area
  • Natural Tracker- + 2 Listen, +2 Move silently, + 2 Tracking
  • Preferred Classes: Hunter, Shadow Rogue, Combat Rogue, Commando

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