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Survivalist's Satchel: This supremely dull over the shoulder pack seems very rugged and worn when perceived, and onlookers eyes are actually drawn away from it, as well as its wearer, when gazed upon. This is a misdirection effect, Mind Affecting up to Highest power level equivalent the user has.This major artifact, creatable by any creature able to match the powers of the satchel in every way, in a consecutive period over 100 years, casting for 16 hours a day, while only resting and/or preparing spells for the following day, as well as the blessing of any minor or above deity on every month for the entirety of the casting. In addition, the character must sacrifice twice the market price for the satchel in both material, as well as XP(You cannot go below 1st level with this sacrifice). This sacrifice cannot be regained by any means other than normal gain. This sacrifice also ensures that any person willing to create it, with the time, currency, and XP expenditures, is either never going to part with it, or, in the case of their untimely demise, will bequeath it to someone of their choice. If they do not designate an inheritor for the satchel, it will go to the closest blood relative in terms of relation, i.e. spouse first, then children oldest to youngest, siblings from closest(but youngest) in age, or the least elder child, then to parents and on to other relations. If no suitable candidate is found, it will relocate itself to the closest temple to The Traveler.

This unadorned gravity-weave over the shoulder pack has simple buckles for adjustment, as well as many pockets, flaps, and zippers of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. Each spot uses the same non-dimensional storage space, but each pouch remembers which items were placed where, as well as having the ability to sort items placed into the bag into designated areas for retrieval. Typical designations, as well as the default choices are as follows: Potions, Clothing, Weapons, Armor, Wands, Scrolls, Rods, Rings, Wondrous Items, Staffs, Food, Misc., Money, Any letter of the alphabet, numbers ranging from 0 up, Other. There can be as many as up to 50 different designations on the satchel at one time. If a new one is made, the oldest goes away. Retrieving an item from any area on the bag is a free action that doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity, nor is placing an item into the bag, which is also a free action, and the item you want is always available at the top or opening of the part you choose. In addition to these many pouches, there is the main flap, with a simple looking drawstring. This string actually allows the main flap to open, stretching large enough to encompass things of up to Huge in size, in perfect stasis, including any creatures that are either subdued, or willing to enter. Any items are held in exactly the same state as when they were put in, as if it had just been put there. Creatures, and other organic material, can either be placed to allow the passage of time to affect them or not, allowing things to grow that you wish to, and things that you don't are as fresh as the minute they were placed. You may choose to have those affected by time to be provided nourishment or not, on an individual, or some designating status/class/prerequisite you choose. The item is able to hold an unlimited amount of items, regardless of weight or size. The entire pack only ever ways 25 lbs, and nothing is ever at risk of breaking, or being harmed by outside stimulus. If anything should be about to enter the bag, and it is not of the owners choice for it to be there, it will be placed in a specific pouch, no matter where the item is placed. Along with the item will be a crystal with an illusion of the item being placed, out to a 50ft radius at the time of placement. This illusion is able to be paused, rewound, fast-forwarded, zoomed in and out, and at a very detailed resolution that it seems completely real, saves the fact that colors are slightly muted. The illusion produces sound as it was, as well as all other normal senses. The crystal need not be attached to the item in order to play the illusion. It is considered undoubtable evidence, for all creatures in the illusions radius are subject to a true seeing effect, seeing invisible, ethereal, altered, disguised, illusioned, or enchanted creatures in their true form.

The second, and greater power of the satchel, is its ability to create a non-dimensional space in the forms of buildings, all interconnected in some fashion, as described below: For each HD of the user, the building gains 1 Stronghold space allotment, as described in the stronghold builder's guidebook. The user may choose any options available, except for the higher, fancy options, these may only be chosen if the user has at least half of the gp value of the items or components chosen at that level, that is consumed by the space in question. any other options appear as an illusion in the spaces available. Any decorative choices, personal tastes and touches, are all up to the user. There is no limit to basic components, better components can be chosen at 1 per/2 HD instead, and fancy uses rules above. All items appear once any costs have been made, order has been reviewed, accepted, and finalized by the user. You may manifest this in a few ways: You may have it all be accessible only from a door, and the handle and wheels available are placed in the correct order; may have the spaces appear in front of them, as long as there is unobstructed room available, and you may have up to the maximum spaces appear this way, with a minimum of 1 space; or you may have 1 space shunt the current space from its point in existence, replacing the inside of the structure with that of the space, leaving the outside intact. Only the Traveler himself may visit the places that are currently shunted by these items. Items placed in the satchel in bag use are allocated to any corresponding places available in the stronghold spaces there. These may be designated by the items use and the space in question, or other, self designated areas, as per user's choice.

The third, and greatest power of this artifact, is its ability to grant its user access to Nowhere, The Traveler's personal domain, in a way. The pack creates its own pocket dimension, with area equal to a 1 mile/level around radius of the user. The transportation is an immediate action, and can be done even when it is not your turn. Initially, the dimension is a completely blank canvas. When a new user first dons the satchel, he is brought into a pocket dimension at his option, and an illusion appears with many options available. They options include, but are not limited to: any normal terrain type, with the dimension producing the terrain chosen in a matter of moments, up to 2 buildings per HD, that rise as your HD rises, at user's option, any gravitational features, spell features, astral gate features, and all other choices normally available to those casting the genesis spell, a god creating their personal sanctuary, and the like. The satchels second ability can be used here as well, granting a veritable stronghold against any who would seek to harm, as well as a safe place for any the user gives permission to. The user can bring in any amount of creatures, as long as the amount of creatures does not meet or exceed the area of the dimension. He can give 1 of 5 keys to any one person, that they can use to contact, and request entry into their dimension, from any point in, or out, of existence, any dimension or plane, and at the speed of thought, ie., an immediate action. With consent, the keyholder is instantly taken to the dimension, in a safe zone previously designated by the user. If the bearer of the key is in duress, any offending creatures, items, or environmental effects are given no saving throw, and are not transported along with the bearer. Essentially, only the satchel owner, user, their keybearers, and any creatures placed or brought into the dimension can get in, save the Traveler himself. The dimension has no contacts to any planes that the user does not want, lest it be the Travelers will. The dimension also grows an additional 1 mile/HD of the user per key bearer, up to an additional 5 miles/HD extra, while a key is assigned. The keys are affected the same way as the satchel, going to someone the user designates, upon death, or to closest blood relation, or attached to a plain looking keychain attached to the satchel at a Temple of The Traveler.

Abilities able to be chosen at 2 HD, 6 HD, and 10 HD, (1st, 3rd, and 5th levels)

Many Satchel's have been made over the ages by The Traveler, Damian Dhark(No relation). He made the first of it's kind to assist him with his collection of things throughout the Multiverse, as well as to have a home away from home. One day, on the Prime, Prime Material, locals commented on the usefulness of the item, so He made a few, and spread them throughout the planes, just to see what happened. They can be found randomly, gifter by The Traveler, or found at one of his many shrines. as well as what is explained above. It can be destroyed by one person fully activating another Satchel to its full effect while inside Nowhere, but they both must be owned by the same person. As this isn't possible, save by intervention of the Traveler Himself, one has yet to be destroyed. Although, why would someone attempt such a thing is a thing for the Gods to ponder.
<Overwhelming> <all schools>; CL See Above; Weight: 25lbs. lb.

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