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Supernatural Maker [Multiclass][edit]

You infuse your creations with eldritch power, building yourself a path still unexplored.
Prerequisite: Craft homunculus[1], Deceive item[2].
Benefit: Your artificer[3] and warlock[4] class levels stack to determine your caster level for infusions and invocations, for your artificer knowledge feature, the detect magic feature and to determine your caster level for the artificer's item creation feature.

You add half of your warlock levels to artificer levels to determine your craft reserve feature.

You may, if you want, choose to use your Charisma to determine all statistics related to your infusions or to use your Intelligence to determine all statistics related to your invocations. You may not change your decision later (even if you decided to not change anything).

You may increase the DC to make magic objects by 5 to increase the save DC of the effect of magical objects that you make by 1. This is permanent for that object.

When using your artificer knowledge feature to identify the magical aura of a magic item, for every 10 points your roll exceeds the normal DC, you learn one power of the item, starting from the more obvious to the less evident. The DC is reduced by 2 if you have already successfully used the object you are studying.
Special: An artificer may choose this feat as a bonus feat. If you use my warlock's variant, you may choose it as a warlock bonus feat.

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