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Supernatural Magic Versatility [Epic][edit]

Deep down, every form of magic possesses one and same essence, yet distributed in various branches. Practiced spellcasters who also use invocations walk both the road of an arcane spellcaster and the Warlock path, and eventually they learn to adapt their metamagic feats to apply to both of their domains so that they could rise their versatility exponentially.
Prerequisite: Epic Spellcasting, Arcane or Divine Caster level 15th, Invoker level 15th.
Benefit: Every metamagic feat owned by the character that apply only to regular spellcasting (Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, etc) are now able to modify her Eldritch Blasts and Invocations without the acquisition of specific feats for that (like Empower Spell-Like Ability, Maximize Spell-Like Ability and Quicken Spell-Like Ability). Furthermore, other metamagic feats may be applied to the Eldritch Blast and Invocations (the Dungeon Master will evaluate each case). They will no longer have the limitation of the equivalent spell level they can affect, but it must be considered, as of now, the equivalent spell level of the Blast Shape or the Eldritch Essence (whichever is higher) in order to calculate the appliance possibility of one or more metamagic feats. For example, if a spellcaster deprived of the Improved Spellcasting Capacity feat wants to use Empower Spell and Maximize Spell (which uses up spell slots two and three levels higher, consecutively), she would only apply them to and Eldritch Blast whose equivalent spell level is 4 or lower (in order to reach a 9th equivalent spell level, her maximum). However, regular metamagic feats still don´t apply to Spell-like Abilities that aren´t part of a Warlock´s invoking capacity. If the acquisition of this feat renders one or more feats the character posesses worthless, she can choose a new metamagic feat to replace it, as long as the Dungeon Master approves her choice. Metamagic feats that mimic Blast Shapes aren´t affected by this feat, and feats that normally couldn´t be applied to the Eldritch Blast for its irrelevance (like Silent Spell or Still Spell) aren´t affected by this feat as well.
Normal: Regular metamagic feats can´t be applied to Warlock´s Eldritch Blasts or Invocations, for those are considered Spell-like Abilities.

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