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Hi, this is my guide to the Sunelf invoker!


Player's Handbook II

Game Rule Components[edit]


Most important spells are: Greater invisibility, mislead, lightning bolt, chain lightning, delayed blast fireball, horrid wilting, time stop.


Overall money to spend: 760,000 gp

Must haves: Greater wand of Quicken 170k Tome of intellect +5 130k Headband of int +6 36k Dex boost, +6 36k con boost, +6 36k = 408k

Other usefull trinkets: Concentration boost+10 10k Bracers of AC+8 64k Ring of pro+5 50k Amulet of AC+5 50k Boots of dodge+5 62.5k Mithral small shield of heavy fortification+5 107.159k (Masterwork, 150) (Materials, 1000) (Small shield, 9) (+10, 100k) = 343.659k You may want to buy the Robe of the archmagi instead of the bracers of AC+8...less AC, awesome saves and additional benefits vs. spell resistant monsters.

All in all: 751,659 gp The rest of the money goes to spell scrolls, supplies etc.. anyway, nothing cool you can buy for only 8k.

This gives you an AC of 42-46 (10-18 dexterity) You get an inteligence of 36 (Assuming that you rolled an 18 to go into int) Which should get you a DC on (10+6+1+13=30) on chain lightning, 1 higher on delayed blast fireball. You get 100-200 HP at lvl 20


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): Highest stat should go into int, then dexterity and constitution...the other stats dosnt really matter.

Race (Templates): Choose sunelf for the +2 int, -2 con.

Starting Racial Traits:

Evoker Feats Class
You'll want to skip Conjuration and Enchantment, those schools have almost no spells this build likes.
1st Invoker Improved initiative
3rd Invoker Silent spell
5th Invoker Empower spell
6th Invoker Arcane thesis: Lightning bolt
9th Invoker Quicken spell
10th Invoker Maximize spell
12th Invoker Arcane thesis: Chain lightning
15th Invoker Shield profiency Spell penetration
18th Invoker Spell focus: Evocation
20th Invoker Greater spell penetration

Other Components[edit]

Unfortunetly there's not enough feats to get Greater spell focus: Evocation Shield profiency is needed to get immunity to critical hits (will also stop any sneak attacks from happening)


This build allows you to deal an insane amount of party friendly damage. You can fire of 2 Maximized Empowered chain lightnints 3 turns in a row, dealing 180-360 damage (Depending on their save) for each of those turns. your protection comes from the immunity to critical hits, AC aswell as mislead and greater invisibility.

Another tactic you can do is to cast time stop and then throw delayed blast fireballs at the enemy, setting them to explode right after your time stop turns run out.

Against high dexterity opponents (or generally things with improved evasion) i recommend Horrid wilting, finger of death, flesh to stone or wail of the banshee...Remember to make good use of the 3 quickens from Greater wand of quicken!

This build functions decently even if silenced...with arcane thesis the required raise in spell slots for lightning bolt and chain lightning is 0 when it comes to silent spell! :)

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

Side Notes[edit]


Aside from golems, this build fears none! ;)

DM Counters[edit]

....Well just say "No" to whatever is bothering're the DM!


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