Summon Zombies at Level One (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

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Everyone's looked at undead with love and fascination, and everyone's wanted a way to have zombies under your control at low levels. Well here it is! It involves the use of a class out of Heroes of Horror, and two feats from complete divine and libris morris. You also have to be the underrated human race.


Heroes of Horror
Complete Divine
Libris Mortis
Player's Handbook

Game Rule Components[edit]

Spells, Powers, Soulmelds, Stances, etc...[edit]


No items are used in this build.


Starting Ability Scores (Before Racial Adjustments): You must have a charisma ability score of at least 12 (In order to have 4 rebuking attempts a day)

Race (Templates): Human

Starting Racial Traits: Bonus Feat

ECL Class/HD/LA Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Feats Class
Fort Ref Will
1st Dread Necromancer 1 0 0 0 2 Fell Animate, Divine Metamagic Charnal Touch, Rebuke Undead

Other Components[edit]

This is for first level, at later levels you can take feats such as extra turning and get to do it more per day!


This build works because dread necromancers at first level have both the inflict light wounds spell, and can rebuke undead. This build could work with clerics but you would have to be evil most likely. The Fell Animate normally increases the spell level by 3, but Divine Metamagic allows you to give up 4 turning attempts in place of spell level increases.

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

Find a Slaymate, and find other ways to decrease the caster level increase. More Zombies per day! Also take feats like Corpsecrafter and other ones that make your risen undead stronger.

Side Notes[edit]

Being a dread necromancer you cannot be of good alignment.


This will only work when you can flat out kill the enemy with a spell. At level one you can really only do 1d8+1 damage with inflict light wounds, so you have to be careful and use it when your enemy is already on the ground dying.

DM Counters[edit]

Enemies who can Turn Undead or Constructs that cannot be reanimated are good counters to Fell Animate.


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