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Succubus Queen Patron[edit]


You have made a deal with a rather mysterious and not well known entity who likes her secrets and magical artefacts, the Succubus Queen. The Succubus Queen is generous but requires absolute loyalty from her -often more than willing- servants. Strangely, she does not seen to have any care for her chosen's alignment and tends to remain neutral herself in the affairs of Demons and Devils. The location of her residence is a closely guarded secret and only her chosen favourites know of it.

Expanded Spell List

1st: Disguise Self, Command

2nd: Scorching Ray, Web

3rd: Sending, Fireball

4th: Black Tentacles, Confusion

5th: Geas, Modify Memory

Gift of Endurance

At 1st level, you gain proficiency in Constitution Saving throws.

Succubus's Chosen

Starting at level 1, for every spell-slot used, you gain (spell-slot level)Lust Points (or LP) up to a cumulative max of 20. You may expend any number of charges as a bonus action or reaction for the following effects :

-Battle Lust (4LP) : target creature gains a d4 Battle Lust Inspiration dice (+1 dice size every 5 levels)

-Charm Person (8LP) : acts like the Charm spell at level 2 but no spell slot expended.

-Overheat (12LP) : target takes 2d10 psychic damage and falls prone (3d10 at level 15, 4d10 at level 20)

-Enslave Humanoid (20LP) : target humanoid makes a Wisdom saving throw, on a fail, they become your obedient slave for a month.

All Lust Point are reset to Zero after finishing a short or long rest.

Succubus Queen's Blessing

At 6th level, gain half-proficiency in all Charisma-based skills in which you do not already have proficiency.

Hell Resident

At 10th level, you've spent enough time training with or being trained by you patron, whether in the hellish planes themselves or in your dreams, to have developed resistance to all forms of heat : heats of all temperatures no longer bother you and you gain a natural resistance to fire damage. You also start gaining notoriety among the different hell spawn, Demons and Devils will now seek to parley rather than attacking and have disadvantage on attack rolls against you.

Leather and Whip Allies

At level 14, you gain the full trust of the Succubus Queen and may summon, as an action, a number of Succubus or Incubus up to your half your Charisma Modifier (rounded down) for a number of hours equal to your charisma modifier. You may summon any number of these at a time (Example with 20 Charisma, so a +5 : 1 summon of 2, or 2 summons of 1). The Succubus remain until you dismiss them or die. Should you fall unconscious, they will carry you, flee any battle and attempt to bring you to safety.

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