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Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Violet Eyes Violet Eyes Violet Eyes, +2 on Gather Information checks
2nd +2 on Gather Information checks Improved Initiative
3rd Charisma +1
4th +2 on Gather Information checks Improved Initiative Healing, Quick (Ex)
5th Succubus Affinity +2
6th Charisma +1 Delicious Kiss 3/day
7th +2 on Move Silently Checks
8th Improved Initiative Healing, Quick Improved Grapple
9th Strength +1
10th Succubus Affinity +2 Charm Person 2/day
11th Succubus Affinity +4
12th Charisma +1 Delicious Kiss 3/day Healing, Quicker (Ex)
13th +2 on all Charisma-based checks
14th +2 on Move Silently Checks Humanoid Guise
15th Constitution +1
16th Healing, Quick Improved Grapple Leadership
17th Succubus Affinity +6
18th Strength +1 True Succubus Kiss 1/day
19th +2 on Hide Checks
20th Succubus Affinity +2 Charm Person 2/day Fast Healing 5 (Ex)

Violet Eyes: Your eyes affect people similarly to the spell Hypnotic Pattern (it makes people Fascinated). Only those who look directly into your eyes are effected, and only if they fail in a Will save at DC equal to 10 + your Cha modifier.

Healing, Quick(Ex): In 4 hours, you heal hit points equal to what those without this ability heal in 1 day.

Healing, Quicker(Ex): In 2 hours, you heal hit points equal to what those without this ability heal in 1 day.

Delicious Kiss (Su) – This may use this ability when kissing a victim, or during any other act of passion. If the target is not willing to be kissed, he/she must start a grapple, which provokes an attack of opportunity. The victim is dazed for 1 round, the individual with the Succubus bloodline is treated as though he/she has just consumed a good meal. The victim feels as though the experience was highly pleasurable, but is not under any supernatural compulsion to allow another kiss.

True Succubus Kiss (Su): You can change your poison kiss into the life-sucking kiss of a true Succubus. Instead of doing Strength damage, this kiss drains energy (Su) to bestow one negative level (DC 10 + half level + Cha to remove it), and you can plant a Suggestion (Su) to accept another kiss (Will save DC 10 + half level + Cha to resist). Using the kiss is a standard action. The target of the kiss must be willing, or the user must succeed at a touch attack during a grapple. This is a supernatural ability. You're able to choose when this ability is used.

Humanoid Guise (Su): You can change shape (Su) into one humanoid form, which remains the same everytime you use this ability. If you are already humanoid, or have a body similar to a humanoid, your face and general body shape remains the same, but you appear completely mundane, without any body alterations from Abyssal Heritor feats or other sources, such as claws, horns, wings, glowing eyes or a tail. If your natural form is not humanoid, choose one humanoid race whose form you always mimic. In humanoid form, you lose any benefits, penalties and special abilities connected to the alterations. For example, if you have the Vestigal Wings feat, you lose the wings and both the bonus to Jump and the penalty to Swim checks. You can use the change shape ability at will as a standard action. See the Change Shape ability for details.

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