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Long ago a group of Alchemists pioneered a way to change life forms. They studied the effects of many races having bloodlines of others (such as Humans with Titan bloodlines, etc.). They took this information and attempted to create their own 'bloodline'. Each attempt brought about a different color of blood, as such they named each subject after these colors. Bearers of these bloodlines have blood colored the same as the subject they received. Most of the test subjects have died out, however their decedents still have the power of these subjects in a less potent way.

Subject Orange is a combination of physical traits including seven races, however the dominant of these are the Orc genes. The Orange Subject was designed to create a fast, power house. The scientists succeeded in their attempt, however ran into several complications. They originally planned for the test subjects to become angered easily, experiencing an effect similar to "Roid Rage" but worse, as if the rage were on steroids. To their surprise, nothing of the sort happened, in fact most of the test subjects seemed to be very aloof, relaxed, nearly impossible to anger verbally, some even avoided violence altogether. However, this was not the same for when physically harmed. The subjects did not hesitate to kill the scientists if attacked. When placed under conditions where they would be attacked, the subjects proved their excellency in the battle field, acting as a team with ease (however their strength was enough to the point they didn't need any help).

Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Climb and Swim checks +1
2nd Climb and Swim checks +1 Acrobatic
3rd Strength +1
4th Climb and Swim checks +1 Acrobatic Endurance
5th Orange Affinity1 +2
6th Strength +1 Athletic
7th Intimidate and Jump checks +1
8th Acrobatic Endurance Improved Initiative
9th Dexterity +1
10th Orange Affinity1 +2 Run
11th Orange Affinity1 +4
12th Strength +1 Athletic Toughness and Climb +1
13th Tumble and Balance checks +1
14th Intimidate and Jump checks +1 Toughness and Swim +1
15th Constitution + 1
16th Endurance Improved Initiative Toughness and Jump +1
17th Orange Affinity1 +6
18th Dexterity +1 Tumble and Balance checks +1
19th Ride and Survival checks +1
20th Orange Affinity1 +2 Run Lightning Reflexes
  1. You gain the indicated bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Perform checks made to interact with Humanoid (Orc) types.

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