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Stun Rules (Gun) BB Variant[edit]

This assumes the game follows the Armor AC, BB Variant and the Firearms, BB Variant Rules.

When a character is struck with a bullet there is a chance the character will be stunned and unable to act for his/her turn. The chance for stunning follows a process:

First: There is the adjusted AC of the hit character. The adjusted AC is the AC left after all the armor penetration from the gun. Then there is the hit roll of the shooter

Hit Roll - Adjusted AC = S

This variable S is merely used for calculations.

Second: There is a modifier based on the type of weapon. This is all rounded down.

Pistol: 0.5 x S = Sg

Blunderbuss: S = Sg

Musket: 1.5 x S = Sg

Third: There is a base modifier for the caliber of the weapon.

Small: Sg - 5 = Sc

Medium: Sg = Sc

Large: Sg + 5 = Sc

If variables S, Sg, or Sc are <= 0, then there is no stun effects.

Finally: Roll a d100 (variable R100)

If R100 < 0.5 x Sc, Then the character is stunned for 1 Round.

If R100 >= 0.5 x Sc and <= Sc, Then the character is staggared for 1 Round.

If R100 > Sc and <= 2 x Sc:

    Have the character roll Initiative (RI)

R100 - RI = (new) R100

    If R100 ever reach 0 or below, all effects end. 
    If R100 is not yet 0, delay the characters round, subtracting 1 from R100 for every delay. 
    If the character is the last to go and R100 is not yet 0, subtract 1 from R100 and act as if the character is stunned. 
    Next turn, use the remaining R100 but repeat the process (with a new initiative roll RI) until R100 is <=0.

If R100 > 2 x Sc, Then there are no stun effects.

If the character is shot again, re-use the process as if the character had never been shot and use the worse result (No stun, Delay, Staggered, Stunned from best to worst).

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