Storyteller's Guide to Janochia (Janochia Supplement)

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Storyteller's Guide to Janochia[edit]

Here is the list of tips for the Storyteller (Dungeon Master) to help when doing a Dungeons and Dragons game in this setting. These will be sorted by time period. Some of the rules may carry over from age to age others won't.

Pre-Cataclysm Janochia[edit]

It is not recommended to play an RPG game set in this time period, but that doesn't mean that it's not possible. Other than keeping note of the Forgotten War and the Great Cataclysm, the storyteller has free range over how he wants to play in this era.

Although, dragons and elementals were not affected by the birth restriction spells. So theoretically, players could be a half-dragon and anyone descended from half-dragons. But whether this in the game, it up to the individual storyteller.

Millennia of Peace[edit]

Like with the previous entry, it is not recommended to play an RPG game set in this time. The most you could do is a slice of life game.

Season of Eternal Night[edit]

This is a good time to start a D&D game, especially for Dungeon Masters wanting to do their first game. The basic plot in this time is pretty straight forward and can be built from there. Keep in mind that almost everyone is using bronze weaponry. Shangchi and Sarıgüneş have iron and are willing to export it. In addition, clerics are the only ones that start literate. All others need to gain literacy by spending two skill points. Wizards are not allowed to be played. Consider this and the following era like the bronze age.

As a reminder, bronze weapons have -1 attack and -1 damage. Finally, no mythril weapons. The material has not yet come about.

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