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Storm Cannon
Evocation [Electricity, Air]
Level: Electricity 3, Air 3
Casting time: Standard
Range: 50ft+5ft/caster level
Targets: All enemies in the line of attack
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Reflex for half

The caster sends a column of condensed air and swirling lightning 5ft high and 10ft wide in a line at high speed to the end of the range, Dealing 1d8/caster level(max 10d8) of air damage and 1d8/caster level(max 10d8) of electric damage, this also pushes all targets in the line to the maximum range and stunning them for 1d4 rounds. Reflex DC (15 + Caster level + wisdom mod) for half damage and are knocked prone.

Used by Stormbenders, for very high level gestult games

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