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Steam Golems[edit]

Steam Golems are an ancient, steam powered, automatonic race. Steam Golems are created by Wizards and Sorcerers who harbor the ability to bring life to inanimate objects. Over time, the Steam Golems have learned to complete this process themselves, but still rely on the Wizards and Sorcerers to help upgrade their race.

Steam Golems as a race are several thousand years old. The oldest Steam Golems look like mythological creatures, and become more humanoid in nature as time progresses to promote a peaceful co-existence with surrounding races.

Steam Golems as a race harbor differences if they are younger or older than 1500 years old, as around that time Wizards and Sorcerers discovered new ways to create and power Steam Golems.

Any Steam Golem older than 1500 years is steam-powered, more durable, and easier to repair. Any Steam Golem younger than 1500 years holds the ability to be powered by more than just steam, including but not limited to Hydro-power, electricity, alcohol, and solar-power, yet still may be operated by steam. They are also outfitted with an alternate form chosen by the Steam Golem at some point in time. A Steam Golem outfits himself with the upgrade to change forms.

Steam Golems find it shameful to wield weapons that are not a part of their bodies, but will do so if their life is at stake. They prefer enhancing their bodies with upgrades and features.

Steam Golems are created by magical means, but are supported through mechanical means, so they will not shut down or die in areas where magic is null. As they are created with magical means, their bodies are coursed with magic, and they may hone this and become sorcerers, but it is uncommon. They do not hold the ability to become wizards, though.


Steam Golems are generally peaceful and hardworking. They are often designed to peacefully and intelligently debate an issue rather than have physical confrontations, but understand the need to create warriors in order to protect their race and homeland.

Physical Description[edit]

Steam Golems were created by the magical experimentation of Wizards and Sorcerers on inanimate objects. The oldest of the race are several thousand years old. Golems do not sleep, and may use the time where the party sleeps to repair, make upgrades, and prepare for the next day.

Golems range in height, weight, and bodily structure. Their colors are that of the metal they are created from, including bronze, silver, gold, iron, and other metals. They can look like humanoids, creatures, animals, or any mechanical object. The oldest of the race look like mythological creatures. A Steam Golem is created fully mature, and may be age 0 if the player wishes.


Steam Golems are generally peaceful to all who do not practice Dark Arts, and those who are friendly to mechanized races.


Steam Golems are generally Neutral/Lawful Neutral/Good, but may be Chaotic. A Steam Golem cannot be Evil.


Steam Golems are created underground in volcanic areas. They live underground in either mountains or caves, and thrive off of the material they can mine and use to power themselves. They are known to have groups that leave the cave to find rare minerals and materials, or search for a new location to expand their people.


Steam Golems often do not worship a Deity, as they were created by Wizards and Sorcerers. Steam Golems are known to adore their creator(s) though, and may be seen paying respects to them through gifts.


All Steam Golems know Terran and Common as an automatic language. They may choose to learn from the following languages at level one: Dwarven, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, and Gnoll


Steam Golems are given a model number when created and choose their own name. Often, the name chosen relates to the way they operate, a metal they are made out of, the object they look like or can form into, or the location of their creation. They are also known to pay respect to their creator(s) and create a name with a section of their creators name in it.

Example: IronLion model number S908-L16 is a steam-powered Steam Golem made of iron and can form into a lion. The Model Number is left completely up to the player to choose.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +4 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom −2 Strength −2 Dexterity if older than 1500 Years. +2 Intelligence, +2 Strength, −2 Wisdom, −2 Charisma if younger than 1500 Years.: Older Golems have been around long enough to be very wise and smart, but have lost mobility and strength as their metals weaken. Younger Golems are created stronger than previously, but do not have the amassed wisdom that Older Golems have.
  • Steam Golem (Commonly Humanoid, but can be any subtype): Steam Golems can be in any shape or form as their natural form, but are commonly humanoid as to promote a peaceful co-existence with those around them.
  • Medium or Large in size: A Large Golem is able to change shape into a Large or Medium object, and a Medium golem may turn into a Medium or Small object. A Large Golem takes an additional -2 to Sneak, Move Silently, and Ride checks, but gets a +2 to Intimidate, Jump, and Search checks
  • A Steam Golem's base land speed is 20 feet if older than 1500 Years, 30 feet if younger than 1500 Years: When in the alternate form, they gain the movement speed of that form
  • Form Change (Ex): A Steam Golem younger than 1500 years old is designed with an alternate mode that the Steam Golem may change into at will. It takes one standard action to complete this form change, and may be done an unlimited amount o times per day.
  • Expendable Parts (Ex): A Steam Golem older than 1500 years old is easy to fix, and takes half the time to fix than those younger than 1500 years old.
  • Metallic Durability (Ex): Steam Golems are created extremely durable, as they are entirely metal, and receive a natural armor bonus depending on their age. If they are older than 1500 years, they are not as complex and can take more abuse, thus receiving +4 natural armor. Younger Steam Golems, those younger than 1500 Years, are more complex and have small parts, receiving only a +2 natural armor enhancement
  • Repairman (Ex): A Steam Golem does not heal from potions and spells, instead he may repair himself when not in combat, being fully restored in 2 hours despite health lost or total health.
  • Upgrade (Ex): Steam Golems may wield weapons, but it is found as disgraceful to their people. Instead, a Steam Golem may enhance his body with technology or weaponry he has encountered and had the ability to study. This is commonly done when a Steam Golem wishes to use blade or gun-like weaponry. Enhancements are considered natural weapons, such as fangs would be on a wolf, and you are proficient with them. If the weapon is a projectile, ammunition must be purchased or built for it. (Two handed weapons may not be included as upgrades. You MAY NOT have more than one upgrade per body part.) UPGRADES ARE BOUGHT AND MAGICALLY ENHANCED AT 1.5x ENHANCEMENT COST
  • Steel Plating (Ex): Steam Golems of a humanoid shape may wear armor, but it is seen as disgraceful. Instead, armor may be built and added to the body of the steam golem at the price of 1.5 times the armor's cost. This includes enchantments. Armor added in this way is considered natural armor. This armor may be sold normally. UPGRADES ARE BOUGHT AND MAGICALLY ENHANCED AT 1.5x ENHANCEMENT COST
  • Metallic Frame (Ex): Steam Golems are more brittle when afflicted by icy or frozen temperatures. Steam golems take 1.5x Frost/Ice Damage
  • Smelter (Ex): Steam Golems take 0.5x Heat damage, unless in extreme circumstances. (Ex: submersed in !ava)
  • Noisy (Ex): Steam Golems naturally make noise, either by the clanging of their movement or the hissing of their bodies when not moving. They receive a -2 to hide and move silently checks.
  • Heavy Drinker (Ex): Steam Golems are unaffected by Alcohol unless powered by alcohol
  • Metal Floats? (Ex): Steam Golems take a -5 to Swim Checks unless they are in a form that promotes swimming, such as an aquatic animal or a boat.
  • Favored Class: Monk, Gadgeteer. Steam Golems cannot be spellcasters or Rogue-like Classes

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Steam Golem's Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 8' +/− 2' 4000 kg × (+/− 2000) kg
Female 7' 5" +/− 1' 3500 kg × (+/− 1500) kg

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