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About the setting[edit]

Starfinder: Eternal Conflict is a Starfinder UA with new races, factions and ability to travel to other galaxies like Atlas the home galaxy of the Aleph Order with Golarion's galaxy being the Milky way galaxy it contains |"The factions known as the Pact worlds, The Stellar League (who are a Interstellar Coalition whose archenemies are the Eternal Shadows (Who species only consist of the Dark ones who look like the Dark makers from Jak 3), The Azlanti empire (which was destroyed by the Aleph Order and Vanguard and splintered into 5 Factions) and the Confederacy (an alien empire who wished to conquer the Milky Way galaxy in the name of the Imperator known as the mysterious Sovereign who consists of the Hel'Kang (a race that looks like the elites from halo), Cabal (who look like there name sake from destiny), Apex (a alien robot race with designs looking like a mix of separatist droids from star wars, faro chariot corrupters and deathbringers from horizon zero dawn, vex from destiny and omnics from overwatch)) and the sectoids (who look like their namesake from xcom), the Pan-Adranus Coalition a Elven Empire from our planet earth which was ravaged by The great Ragnarok and nuclear, biological, chemical and super weapon warfare by the Humans of earth who 95% of it's population were wiped out by the apocalypse and the survivors disappeared into the Great unknown, the Aleph Order a Federated Socialist League who are a Faction made up of Hylvorans, Alterrans and Osarans and their Sykers allies seeking to explore the great void of space, find new life and protect the innocent, The Veskarium, The Vanguards a Post-Akahalan Independent Military Organization of Super Soldiers who is also a Federated Socialist League seeking to build a utopia where fear, lies, anger, cruelty, greed and other negative factors are removed from Atlas and The Milky way, Forsaken a post-Sargran Psionic Super mutant race seeking to carry out Xanvu's (one of the gods of the Universe) will, Charon a Corman Corrupt corporate state with a bloody, brutal and dark history who seeks to conquer the milky way in the name of profit and domination and The Tyrgards a race of humanoid with void powers to rift travel into planes, planets and moons and are the sister race to the Rolympians who wields the light, the Azans who wields the Darkness and Shagon who wields the shadows. Many other races are in this series such as Golarion humans, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, halflings, cat-folk, Kitsunes, Vesk, Kasatha, Lashunta, Shirren, Ysoki, Androids, Half-elves, Half-orcs, Orcs, Goblins, Drow and many others. The galaxy is in conflict between the Pact world-Stellar league alliance, the Confederacy and the Eternal Shadows with many adventures take place in three galaxies Atlas, Milky way and Hyperion. The setting also have The Weave, Faewilds and Shadowfell from Dungeons and Dragons.

Time Line[edit]

Note this only covers the non-Golarion races

Age of Void[edit]

The races Hylvoran, Osaran and Alterran are created and after long conflicts with the Amataks have reach space and began expanding across the galaxy eventually caming into contact with the Sykers. The Jakuan begin their own space program and came into contact with the Aleph Order forming the Stellar League.

Age of Fae[edit]

Adranus also know as earth was home to the Elves who protect life and care for nature on the planet defeats the Daemons by killing Xalos and the titan finally ending the conflict.

Age of Man[edit]

The blood of the Titan spills into the ocean starting the human evolution the finding them selves few in numbers flee into the Faewilds Man and science rule earth.

Age of Rift travel[edit]

The Tyrgard learned how travel between planes and came into contact with the Aleph Order and became good friends.

Age of reckoning[edit]

The Akahalans, Tau'roa, the Sargran, the Agathians and the Cormen lost the dragon wars and fled Xolan to Haven that sparked another war broke out between the 5 races and orcs in which the orcs won however they spared the 5 races and begin to live in peace. Technology begins progressing eventually managing to get into space.

Age of the gap[edit]

The Great Ragnarok begins as the nations of earth and an corrupt capitalist ark city use nuclear, biological, chemical and super weapon to destroy each other however this has lead to the Gap being triggered and many historical documents, memories and many forms of human entertainment to disappeared and also Golarion after the construction of Absalom vanished. The surviving earth human population flees the ice age earth to outer space never to be seen again. The Confederacy is formed to combat the Jakuan led Stellar League who consist of the Aleph order, Sykers, Kitsunes and Cat-folk.

Age of rebirth[edit]

The Elves reclaimed the Home world Adranus and found the technology left by humans and made it to space. The PAC is formed and the Elves venture into space. Eventually a war between the PAC and confederacy breaks out and the PAC was victorious freeing a Cat-folk colony and join up with the Stellar League.

Age of Mythic[edit]

The Stellar league and the Akahalans, Tau'roa, the Sargran, the Agathians and the Cormen comes into contact with Absalom station with the Cormen founded a corporation called Charon. However Charon was exposed for unethical experiments, corporate espionage, unethical research, unfair treatment and harassment of minor personal employees, unequal pay, extorting people and fraud by the Starfinder League ultimately Charon unleashed a mutagen zombie virus however a Group of Starfinder heroes managed to contain and eliminate the virus. People demanded that Charon should be hold responsible for the manslaughter.

Age of Rebellion[edit]

A Rebel Group known as the Sons of Akahal managed to overthrown the Syndicsguilds and Charon banishing the latter being banished to deep space eventually the Absalom station transformed into a meritocracy government and became a utopia for all species. Eventually the Sons of Akahal formed the Vanguard and join up with the Stellar League.

Age of Fallen[edit]

A joint effort by the Vanguard and Aleph Order successfully overthrow the Azlanti empire now the galaxy can rest now one of it's problem is fixed.

Current age[edit]

This is the present many adventurers are beginning to explore the great void maybe you will become one.

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