Stance of the Red Dragon (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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One of the more powerful attacking stances

Stance of the Red Dragon

You adopt an aggressive stance, slightly tilted away from the enemy. As you take this stance, your eyes seem to glow red, and a blazing aura surrounds you.

Level: Aggressive 5

Type: Stance

Prerequisite: 5 Aggressive maneuvers

Description: The Stance of the Red Dragon is one of the most powerful stances that a martial artist can learn. It grants an immediate natural armor bonus of +5, like the scales of a dragon. It grants an attack bonus of +8, giving you the precision of the dragon's claws. You move at your base land speed +20, replicating the speed of a dragon. It also grants a damage bonus of 2d8+int modifier to all attacks, making it seem like you are dragons breath itself. However, in your grand assault, you lose part of your senses, and gain a -1 to all skill checks and saving throws.

Special: Cannot be used immediately after one of the "light" stances ( soft, reactionary, tempered)

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