Staff of the Mother (4e Equipment)

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Melee Weapons[edit]

Two-Handed Weapon

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Staff Staff 1 D6 + Wis Mod Melee 20000 12.5lbs Staff This staff can be used as a melee weapon such as a club or mace. With this staff at the cost of a move action, the wielder can case a close burst AOE spell called Mothers sanctuary. A 1X1 burst from the caster the heals all allies for half their healing surge value. The wielder can use a move action on their next turn to sustain the effect.

A simple but well-crafted staff made from a foreign wood. The magic that keeps the flower floating in the hook seems simple but strong like the flow of a stream on can interact with the unusual flower but no matter how hard one tries the flower cant be removed from the hook.

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