Spurn the Supernatural (5e Spell)

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Spurn the Supernatural
3rd-level Truespeak
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V
Duration: See description.

You speak an Utterance that twists the reality within an object or on person such that magic is brought to an unusable state. When you speak this Utterance, a faint blue light weaves through an object or person twisting the very essence of their existence such that magic or psionics (other than a wish or a miracle spell) no longer affects or is usable by the person or object. If the target is able to cast spells or psionics via a class ability, scrolls, or other magic items they are no longer able to do so for 1 round, additionally any magic affecting the target from items or spells are suppressed for the duration of this Utturance (the magic items that the user was attuned to before are still attuned to them at the end of this Utterance). For instance if a Fireball is cast in their area it does not damage them, and if they are under the effect of some spell such as Heroism or Gaes it is suppressed for the number of rounds the target is affected for. The only exception to magic items affecting the target is if they are wielding a weapon, armor or shield. The item still grants its enhancement bonus to AC or ATK, but does not provide any bonuses that give the target abilities such as a sentinel shield granting advantage on perception rolls. If the target is a magic item, all of its abilities are suppressed for 3 rounds. If the target is not an item they may make a CHA save to negate.

This Utterance cannot be spoken in reverse.

At Higher Levels. When you speak this utterance using a 4th level or higher slot you the effects last for an additional round per level above 3rd. When you speak this Utterance using a 6th level slot if the target is a non-artifact magic item you may spend an additional 3 Reality Points to cause the object to lose its magic permanently.

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