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Spring Steel[edit]

Spring Steel is a material that is perfect for any hero caught in a situation that requires stealth and brains over brute force. This material was created in conjunction between the Thieves' and Wizards' Guilds. The ultimate goal was to create a versatile yet nonrestrictive armor. They never fully completed the process to optimize the armor due to some "complications" between the two guilds. What they had created, though, was still a useful material. People have to careful when wearing this armor, though. This armor is known as the Assassin's Armor to many people. Along with its bonuses can come some unwanted situations with locals

Spring Steel cannot be used to create weapons due to its weaker make. Armor made of Spring Steel must be metal-based. Spring Steel armor is forged to the user and acts as a second skin. It also halves the weight of the armor, taking it down one size category when dealing with armor proficiencies. The arcane spell failure drops 15%. The maximum dexterity bonus on the armor is increased by +2. Because the process was never fully completed, the lightening of the armor led to a slight loss in the amount of protection given. Armor with Spring Steel as its material has a -1 AC to the base AC of the armor. Spring Steel armor is essentially a flexible, yet firm armor; this flexibility reduces armor check penalties by 3. When seen in this armor by someone who has heard of the material, there is a -4 penalty to all charisma checks when conversing with that person. The nefarious use and the motives behind its creation will cause wariness in those who see it, if not open hostility. Because of the forming of the armor, it can be covered by a cloak or regular clothing.

Spring Steel has 1 hit point per inch of thickness and hardness 5.

Type of Spring Steel Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition None
Light armor + 3,000 gp
Medium armor +7,000 gp
Heavy armor +11,000 gp
Shield None
Weapon None

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