Spring Loaded Katana (4e Equipment)

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Katana, Spring Loaded

Military Melee Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Katana, Spring Loaded +3 1d8 20 gp 5 lb. Heavy Blade Versatile, Load Minor

The hilt of this curved longsword contains a spring-loaded mechanism for firing a dagger. Katana are usually named by their creator. The name is written on the bottom portion of the blade and is covered by the hilt. Removing the hilt of the blade will reveal the name of that sword. Nameless katanas are usually low class, poorly made, or massively produced by the creator and are more than often inferior to those who have names.


The spring-loaded katana is one-handed but can be used two-handed. If you do so, you gain a +1 bonus to the weapon's melee damage rolls.

Load Minor

Reloading a dagger into the spring-loaded katana is a minor action. The spring daggers are specially crafted to fit the katana, and cannot be used for melee attacks, but otherwise use a dagger's statistics. Enchantments and properties of the dagger do not effect the katana's melee attacks, and the katana's enchantments and properties do not effect the dagger's ranged attack.

Spring Dagger

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