Spontaneous Wizard (3.5e Alternate Class Feature)

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Spontaneous Wizard[edit]

Though you approach magic as an academic, your dragon blood gives you both advantages and disadvantages among your colleagues

Class: Wizard

Level: 1-20

Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain any bonus feats after first level. Additionally, after level one, you can not cast spells of your highest spell level unless you have more than one non-bonus slot in it. Effectively this means that a wizard gains access to that spell level after they normally would, similar to a sorcerer, while keeping their total amount of spell slots unchanged.

Benefit: You may cast spells spontaneously, so long as you have studied your spell book (for one hour) after you last rested. If you have mastered spells with Spell Mastery, you may cast the spells you have mastered spontaneously before or without studying your spell book. You may still prepare spells if you want to.

Special: You can only cast a certain number of spell spontaneously per day. This number is caster level/2 (minimum 0) + 1 for each spell level you can cast (excluding cantrips). You can use the unique spells from your caster level for any spell level, but the ones for each caster level must be used for their respective spell level. Spells cast spontaneously through other means do not count as unique spontaneous spells. Neither do cantrips nor prepared spells. You can not cast spontaneously from a spell slot that has a prepared spell in it.

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