Spirit-Born Tantrum (4e Power)

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Spirit-Born Tantrum Tsuku-Master Attack 9
Your first attack comes from a slew of flying weasels (kamaitachi) that shred your enemies with their vicious claws. Second, you summon the spirits called askimagari to trip up your foes. Then, last of all, thousands of hitodamas (small fireball ghosts) rain down from the heavens to make a burning impact on those who wish you harm.
Daily Star.gif Divine, Implement, Fire
Standard Action Close burst 10
Primary Target: Each enemy in burst.
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d8 + Intelligence modifier damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Secondary Target: Each enemy in burst.
Secondary Attack: Charisma Vs. Reflex.
Hit: The target is knocked prone and is dazed (save ends).
Tertiary Target: Each enemy in burst.
Tertiary Attack: Charisma Vs. Reflex.
Hit: 2d4 + Charisma modifier fire damage, and the target takes 5 ongoing fire damage (save ends).
Miss: Half damage.

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