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Spidersilk Cloth Armor[edit]

Armor Armor
Check Speed Price (gp) Weight Properties Base Type
Spidersilk Cloth Armor (Light) +0 10 4 lb. Durable 2 Cloth

Spidersilk armor is woven from the finest strands of monstrous spider silk. Due to the difficulties in extracting and processing substantial amounts of spider silk, it takes dozens of people working over several years to create the cloth required for one piece of armor.


Spidersilk gives added protection by absorbing some of the force from attacks. The first time you take damage during an encounter, reduce that damage by 2. The armor then loses this property until you repair it during a short rest or extended rest. Enchanted spidersilk provides greater damage absorption when it is enchanted. Add the enchantment bonus of the armor to the durability rating.

Armor Training Feat

Special training is required to use and repair spidersilk armor. The feat presented below allow you to use this item without restriction.

Magic Spidersilk[edit]

Magic armor adds an enhancement bonus to AC. Magic appears at higher levels and grants higher armor bonuses than its mundane counterpart. Magic armor always has an enhancement bonus, and the price of the armor material is incorporated into the overall cost of the magic armor.

Level Enchantment Bonus Armor Bonus Total Bonus to AC
1–5 +1 +0 +1
6–10 +2 +0 +2
11–15 +3 +0 +3
16–20 +4 +1 +5
21–25 +5 +1 +6
26–30 +6 +2 +8

Armor Training Feats[edit]

Armor Proficiency: Spidersilk Cloth Armor[edit]

Prequisite: Proficiency with cloth armor
Benefit: You gain proficiency with spidersilk cloth armor.

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